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The most recent winner of MyShape Lipo’s FREE LIPO contest,

was selected August 27, 2014,

Arlene of Maryland






March 2013 Winner:

Elizabeth Akroush

From Left to Right: Nellie, Brandy, Previous MyShape Lipo Free Lipo Winner – Amelia, MARCH WINNER – Elizabeth, Trevor, Stephani and Tiffany

March 2013 Winner:  Congratulations to Elizabeth Akroush for winning 1 area of free liposuction at MyShape Lipo.  Elizabeth had liposuction on her inner thighs and is so excited to no longer have her legs rub together!


 Congratulations to Tierra Donald from Rochester, New York.

You are our December 2012 Drawing Grand Prize Winner!!!

December 2012 Winner:  Congratulations to Tierra Donald for winning 3 areas of free liposuction at MyShape Lipo.  Tierra had liposuction on her upper abdomen, lower abdomen and love handles as well as SmartLipo Laser Skin Tightening on her abdomen.   The single mother of 2 was speechless in shock of the news.  In line with the Christmas spirit, Tierra can now check liposuction off her wish-list.


Congratulations to Kimberly Williams from Huston, Texas.  You are

our July 27, 2012 Drawing Grand Prize Winner!!!

From Left to Right: Brandy, Tiffany, WINNER – Kimberly, Trevor, Coryn, Stephani and Nellie

Kimberly Williams is a single mother of a 3 ½ year old son. She resides just outside of Huston, Texas. She has always struggled with her self-image and confidence. Winning MyShape’s contest to get 3 areas of free liposuction was a life-changing event for her. On August 8, 2012, Kimberly came to Las Vegas to have her procedure done. She elected to pick ares of the abdomen to be treated (upper abdomen, lower abdomen and pannus). After learning that she won the contest, Kimberly sent in this brief biography about herself:

“I’m Kimberly Williams, I’m 23 years old. Winning the contest for the 3 free areas of lipo means absolutely the world to me. It will give me the chance to have a healthier life with my son when he is growing up. I now would be able to go outside in the middle of the summer and not have to worry about how hot it is or telling my son “I’ll play later”. I can actually go the beach in a bathing suit and not be ashamed with my body or even hide it. The thing that made me realize that I needed to do something quick to change my life around, was when I had to “suck it in” to ride a little kid roller coaster with my son just to fit, that made me so embarrassed all I wanted to do was cry. The opportunity that MyShape Lipo has given me is going to help me overcome the problems I have with my self image. I’ve lost my confidence back when I was in high school when I started to gain weight which I started to feel like I couldn’t fit in. At the age 19, I found out that I was pregnant and all the food cravings I had made me gain even more weight. I thought to myself I would never be able to lose weight now. Back in 2010, my parents had a house fire, and I had to live with my sister and her boyfriend which caused me to stress and be depressed and gain almost 50 pounds. I’ve tried every diet, exercise, healthy foods and even body wraps and none of that has helped. I gave up wearing make-up or even fixing my hair, because I thought to myself there is no point if I cant find a piece of clothing to fit my body without having to worry about if my stomach is hanging out or if my rolls are showing. Now that I’ve won the contest, I know for a fact MyShape and their team will help me bring my confidence up high, higher than ever. It will let me bring my “sexy” back and for once not be looked at when shopping for cute clothes, or have all eyes on me. I would be able to fit into clothes that are appropriate for my age and not make me look like I’m much older. MyShape will help me be able to wear that little black dress without having that “dun lap disease”. It will help me run around without having to stop every second to catch my breath. Winning the contest has helped me be more grateful for things that happen in my life. I can’t say thank you enough to MyShape and their team for picking me as the winner.”


Congratulations to Craig DeLuz from Sacramento, California. You

are our February 2012 Drawing Grand Prize Winner!!!

Top Row From Left to Right: Trevor and Coryn – Bottom Row From Left to Right: Tiffany, WINNER – Craig and Nellie

Congratulations Craig Deluz for winning 3 areas of free liposuction at MyShape Lipo.  Craig decided to have his abdomen and love handles treated.  He works for the government, but is an aspiring actor, which is apparent in his comfort level while speaking in the video.  He did very well with his procedure and tolerated the process with ease.

 Congratulations to Tashanda Sims from Chicago, Illinois.  You are

our December 2011 Drawing Grand Prize Winner!!!

From Left to Right: Nellie, Tiffany, WINNER – Tashanda, Trevor and Stephani



Tashaunda Sims a nurse from Illinois.  We called her and didn’t get an answer, but she called back 5 minutes later.  When we informed her of her good fortune, she was crazy excited.  Although she was at work she tried hard to control her excitement.  She had to find a private room where she could release her excitement and squeal like a school girl.  This contest means a lot to those that are fortunate to win, but it is also very rewarding for our staff.  We really enjoy giving people this opportunity.  It makes it even more rewarding to hear the excitement from the winner.  It kind of reminds me of when you hear people that win something on the radio and simply can’t believe their good fortune.  I think to some degree, people don’t really really believe that they will win.  Let’s face it, in most contests, you never actually hear about the winners, so you don’t really know if there is a winner.  We don’t want that to be the case with our contest, which is why we post all of the information that we can about our winners, to show without a shadow of a doubt that there are actual people who win this contest.


Congratulations to Jennifer O’Dell from Gillette, Wyoming. You are

our September 2011 Drawing Grand Prize Winner!!!

From Left to Right: Brandy, Trevor, Coryn and WINNER – Jennifer


Jennifer had her procedure here at MyShape Lipo.  Everything went very well for her and we were able to remove 5.5 liters of fat.  She chose to have her upper and lower abdomen as well as her love handles and hips treated.  There was a dramatic change especially in her hips and love handles, that we could see immediately.  It was a great experience and it seemed that she couldn’t wipe the smile off her face.  We were all very happy to have her here and hope that this changes her life the way that she believes it will.

Letter from Jennifer:

The story of my life: “you are just big boned.” Well I’m tired of hearing that, more over I’m tired of just agreeing and thinking later,  “I guess it’s not that big of a deal to them because they don’t have to live with the ‘big bones’.”  As far as aspirations go, I want so many things I can practically taste them, but all my life I have wanted to be thin, or at the very least, a good size.
  I believe there are three aspects to a person: social, physical, and mental. Mentally, no doubt, I love myself and have full confidence I will grow into an exceptionally amazing woman; however, to show the world my inner light, I need to synchronize the outside with the inside.  Physically, I am 6 foot tall and a solid 290lbs, I threw for the high school track team for five years which was ten seasons, running and lifting weights for six months out of the year, I don’t drink pop, I do not eat fast foods ,and I know every calorie, fat, sodium, and carbohydrate fact form the fruit section to the dairy section. So it’s not from a lack of trying I am so big.  Socially, I have friends, three good ones, but I want more than that because if one more guy tells me it’s what’s on the inside that counts i’ll do something irrational. I want men women people to SEE ME!!
 When I got off the phone with Trevor I looked out the window of my work then I cried the sweetest tears because my life’s  ambition to lose the weight is about to come true, not so much to even be thin, but  to walk proudly into a clothing store and shop on whatever side I want, to have a fine looking man see me for the catch I am and not my stomach, to take a photograph and not have to adjust because a roll might stick out, or last but not least find a pair of jeans that fit my hips and waste at the same time because that mess just gets old.
 If there is one thing I now know to be true in this world all things come in good time, whether this is luck or a blessing, I am going to seize this opportunity because this my time.
Jennifer O’Dell Gillette, Wyoming

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